Rebecca Madamba (aka BEX) is a Toronto based alt/pop singer-songwriter from Colborne, ON, that caught the attention of folk musician Trina West in February of 2013, when she convinced the young artist to accept a recording grant on behalf of the Haliburton Country Folk Society after hearing her perform at an open mic. BEX's optimistic lyrics and bright vocals set the tone of her music career. 

That year BEX released her first single “Moments” recorded raw and acoustic at Quantum Entertainment with audio engineer and musician Ian Pay. It can be heard only on the Haliburton County Folk Society’s 2013 album “Haliburton Stew.”

 BEX continued her writing as a hobby, but it wasn’t until the winter of 2014 that she was reached out to by James Pew from the former Euphonic Sound Recording Studio in West Toronto, after performing another original for the first time at the infamous Supermarket Sunday open mic night in Toronto. There she worked on and released indie rock singles “24” and “Energy” in 2015. In 2016 she released two more singles with more of a folk/singer-songwriter feel “Oliver” and “Winter Playlist.” 

During her recording time at Euphonic, BEX met singer-songwriter Dan Jardine. In 2017 Dan sent BEX an electronic re-mix of “Energy,” forever altering the vibe and direction of the artist’s music. In 2018 she released the electronic version of “Energy” followed by a re-make of her “Moments” song from 2013 collective album “Haliburton Stew”, re-imagined as an electronic song with a new name “This Is What.” 

Her latest release “It Will Be There,” (2019) also produced by Dan Jardine, is her strongest work yet. Taking Dan’s ambient soundscapes that set the tone and vibe of the song, combined with BEX’s optimistic and thoughtful lyrics, bring the story/song to life. You can expect to hear more from this collaborative duo, with a new EP project coming 2020. Details to be released soon.


This fall 2019 starting in August, BEX will be debuting her body of work live (along with some unleased tracks!) in a local Toronto tour with artist Lia Scott. Follow BEX’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more details on upcoming projects, releases and shows: 

Facebook: Rebecca Madamba Music 

Instagram: thebexmusic 



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Boom Shoal Enterprises


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Dan Jardine

James Pew


Dan Calle

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Film still of artist from Official Music video of "Twenty Four" produced by Boom Shoal Enterprises, Toronto  October 24 2015

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